ArtPrize 2017
“Tree of Life” is an array of tree branches, extending outwardly from a wall while reaching toward the viewer as if the branches are growing from an imaginary tree on the opposite side of the wall. Three of the branches transition into transparent, glass-like arms and hands made of resin, upon which a unique, resin-made butterfly is perched. Each butterfly is hand-painted using a combination of resin, acrylic paints, inks, and/or pigment powders and has an LED that provide glowing light from within the butterfly. The sculpture is titled "Tree of Life" to invoke the multitude of connections that exist between the plant, animal, and human worlds that we live in. The Tree of Life symbol and its meaning originate from both religious and spiritual beliefs that signify ideas of enlightenment and wisdom. Each of the glass-like hands in this sculpture were made using custom fabricated molds to create resin-made replicas of the actual hands of my grandmother (located at the top), my mother (placed in a middle portion), and myself (near the bottom). In a way, this piece is literally a fragment of my own family tree and symbolizes the enlightenment and wisdom that is passed down from generation to generation (or from tree branch to tree branch).
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